Dr. A. Robert Hassan

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Dr A Robert Hassan a highly accomplished individual with a diverse background proudly announces his candidacy for the US Senate With his extensive experience in various industries and unwavering commitment to grassroots representation Dr Hassan aims to address the critical issues facing his prospective constituents today
As a candidate Dr A Robert Hassan pledges to prioritize the needs of the American people and tackle pressing national issues He firmly stands for social justice and advocates for equality recognizing the importance of supporting law enforcement while emphasizing the necessity of regular training and evaluations to ensure the highest standards of performance
Additionally Dr A Robert Hassan is deeply committed to the welfare of the armed forces and their families He supports providing comprehensive care during and after service to ensure our veterans receive the support they deserve


Nominee Chairman Sedgewick County Independent Nominee Chairman of Harris County U S Senate Minnesota


Dr A Robert Hassan has been married for over 40 years and is a loving husband father and grandfather He holds an impressive educational background including a Juris Doctorate from Presidents School of Law in 2001 a Bachelor s degree in Human Resource Management from Friends University in 1988 and studies in Industrial Technology at Wichita State University and the Industrial Technical College
Professionally Dr A Robert Hassan journey demonstrates his commitment to service and leadership He has held various roles including Public Relations for the Department of Defense in Kuwait and Director of Food and Nutrition at Riverside Health System He has also served as the Director of Food Services at McConnell Air Force Base Non Commissioned Officer Club District Manager for renowned restaurants and owned and managed successful restaurants and retail stores Furthermore Hassan has been involved in owning and coaching professional and semi professional soccer teams
A candidate for the US Senate in Texas He has been nominated for the Chairman of the Board for Harris County Texas and actively participates in the Harris County International Advisory Council showcasing his commitment to serving the community
Dr Hassan s book Hello America will be released soon in several languages emphasizing his love for the United States and his dedication to helping its citizens His priorities include the economy immigration crime energy and healthcare with a focus on the elderly and children His plan is to assemble a diverse group from various positions and counties to gather suggestions and address the specific needs of communities including mental health and homelessness
Dr Hassan s door is open to anyone in need He firmly believes in the power of serving America and emphasizes that his candidacy is not driven by personal ambition but by his love for the country